About Me

I’ve always wanted to…

Have you said these words and finished the phrase with “piano, singing, or songwriting”? Are you reaching a time in your life when more time is available to you and you want to keep your mind sharp and engaged through learning new skills? Are you looking for a new adventure?

Then keep reading – this page might be for you…

Sing with Confidence! – Vocal Technique Lessons

  •  My studio offers lessons to help you master the art and technique of powerful, and confident singing!
  • My background includes 11 years of teaching experience with beginners, community singers and collegiate level voices. Many students have become successful both as fellow teachers and as performers/artists.

Create Your Masterpiece – Music Composition Lessons

  •  Learn the basic tools of songwriting and composition to give yourself a vast palette. Whether you write instrumentally, vocally, or electronically my studio can help give you the foundations you need to be a successful composer and arranger.
  • My composition background includes writing in a variety of styles including electronica, folk, religious and neo-classical. Combined with a certification in coaching from iPEC, this gives aspiring musicians the tools they need for success.


My tim_pianoBackground:

I have been teaching voice, piano and composition since 2005 and have a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from the University of Rhode Island and a Professional Life Coach Certification from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching.

As a Vocal Teacher…

My goal is to help students learn and maintain healthy singing habits while singing the hand-microphone-mic-hold.jpgsongs they love. My specialty is working with Seniors who would like to pursue lessons to keep their mind, body and spirit engaged through singing, although I have worked with students of all types and levels.

My composition/songwriting background gives me a unique perspective which helps students not only sing properly but also understand the music they sing from the writer’s perspective allowing them to express the inner meaning of each song. My life coaching experience helps students get rid of any negative messages they have about singing and performing so they can give the best performance possible.

As a professor at CCRI, I also know what music schools are looking for in potential students and can help those interested in pursuing music in higher education prepare for college auditions.

As a Composition Teacher…

pexels-photo-164821.jpegI have been composing music since my early high school years and had the pleasure of working with Dr. Eliane Aberdam at the University of Rhode Island, who helped me explore composition from a variety of perspectives including classical, avant-guarde and electronic/computer based music. My personal writing style is neo-baroque/romantic with elements of techno, trance and new age blended together.

In teaching composition, I encourage musical exploration by my students in the same way, helping them learn what makes music “tick” and apply it to their own compositions. My curriculum starts at the basics of music theory with the intention of applying each new skill and writing practice to the composition of original music by the student.

I am also listed on https://MusicTeachersDirectory.org/USA/RI-Music-Private-Teachers-Rhode-Island-Music-Private-Lessons