Getting Started in Singing

With all of the great new technology out there it is so easy to access vocal lessons. An aspiring singer can find some great tutorials on YouTube, websites and even purchase complete courses on online shopping pages. Why then, is it important to take lessons from a teacher, one might start to ask?

The answer to this is simple, and it’s something that I learned when I first started teaching and read the book “The Complete Handbook of Voice Training.” I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who is considering teaching voice and singing as the author provides some wonderful insights and techniques. One thing in particular he says which has always stuck with me is this:

“The student ‘buys’ the ears of the teacher.”

This is probably the most important reason to study with an experienced teacher, whether you do this in person (which I personally prefer) or via skype or google chat. We do not hear our voices correctly…we hear our voice inside our own head, which is not the same sound that others hear around us (and if you want to check this, just listen to your voice mail message!). This means we may be trying out best to mimic the pre-recorded lesson we’ve purchased on a CD or video lesson but we don’t actually know whether or not we are doing what we are supposed to.

This can lead to dangerous situations, as the voice is an instrument which if not learned properly can result in long term damage to the vocal folds and our larynx. A vocal coach or instructor can listen for signs of straining and improper technique that you may not be able to hear if you’re a beginner. They can help you change singing habits to improve your sound that you may not even realize that you have been using.

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested in taking your singing to the next level and creating that beautiful, flowing, and confident sound get out there and find a teacher that can help you make the most of your unique voice. My studio offers lessons on Friday and Saturday of each week (as of this writing). Visit our “Registration page” above to start your journey.