Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some students have requested to do online lessons. This is something I can do. If you are interested in doing online lessons (via Zoom(r)) contact me! Music lessons are a great way to help relieve stress while we’re all cooped up together!

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I’ve always wanted to…

Have you said these words and finished the phrase with “piano, singing, or songwriting”? Are you reaching a time in your life when more time is available to you and you want to keep your mind sharp and engaged through learning new skills? Are you looking for a new adventure?

Then keep reading, this page might be for you…

Sing with Confidence! – Vocal Technique Lessons

  •  My studio offers lessons to help you master the art and technique of powerful, and confident singing!
  • My background includes 11 years of teaching experience with beginners, community singers and collegiate level voices. Many students have become successful both as fellow teachers and as performers/artists.

Create Your Masterpiece – Music Composition Lessons

  •  Learn the basic tools of songwriting and composition to give yourself a vast palette. Whether you write instrumentally, vocally, or electronically my studio can help give you the foundations you need to be a successful composer and arranger.
  • My composition background includes writing in a variety of styles including electronica, folk, religious and neo-classical. Combined with a certification in coaching from iPEC, this gives aspiring musicians the tools they need for success.


 Studio Hours

Saturdays – 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Other dates/times available by appointment.

Call/email for more information about lessons, rates, and more: 401-225-8149; tanderson@tripplefortecoach.com

I am also listed on www.musicteachersdirectory.org

Please note that my studio does not take walk-ins as this is a private residence. If you would like to make an appointment for a lesson, contact me at the number/email above.

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