Singing with Seniors

A short post today, but I figured it had been a while, and this has been mulling around in my brain today…

As a professional working in health care and community settings, I have taught singing and piano lessons to a variety of people – including Seniors. It is something I have a great passion for, as the benefits of music for this population are profound and exceptional. For one, many seniors have a drive for learning because they want to stay active and involved in their later years. Music is an excellent intellectual exercise which helps to keep the brain healthy and fit -which is so important as we get older.

I have also seen the benefits of music with older adults in senior living communities. Not only does it help maintain cognitive skills, but it helps retrieve memories. Singing in particular helps to keep the voice active and singing in a group helps to build communities. Programs like Music and Memory are excellent additions to any senior living facility and the research around creating personalized music playlists for people in health settings is showing a huge range of benefits.

So if you’re a senior or someone who would like to learn more about the benefits of singing and music lessons, consider learning a new instrument. It’s fun…and its healthy.

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